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  • Indulge in the scent of a sexy woman!
  • Get to know the taste of a female.
  • Sealed straight after wear in ziplock bags for freshness.
  • Photo Proof with each pair. Comes with a photo of me holding a handwritten sign with your name.
  • 100% Confidential… it’s our little secret :)

Dirty used panties for sale

Feeling Lonely?

Always be close to a woman with my sweet smelling panties by your side!



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Choose from Cotton, Lace & Nylon. Briefs, G-Strings & Boyshorts.

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Decide how long you would like them worn for. Up to 3 days.



Each purchase come with photo proof with a handwritten sign with your name on it.

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Shipped in an unmarked envelope without images. 100% anonymous.

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Customer Testimonials

Please note that panties will be worn for 1 day and you will receive your chosen type of panties in the colour you have chosen or a variation of that colour. Thank you! xox
Your photos are so hot and your panties made me come so hard!
Thanks for your amazing panties. I love your taste and smell.
I’ve been selling for 4 years now. Every purchase will come with a verification photo of me holding a sign with your name and wearing the panties you have bought.

Buy Used Panties Australia

Hi, my name is Vivian. I am a 25 years old girl living in Sydney, Australia. Currently studying engineering at university. I love to sell my sexy used panties to turn on men. You will receive them in an envelope containing a sealed Zip Lock plastic bag and a verification photo of me wearing them. Your identity will always remain confidential: This will be our dirty little secret… So don’t be shy! Buy used panties from me today!

I ship my panties all over Australia! Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, WA, NT or Adelaide you can still get my panties! I even have many regular customers from the United States of America. For a full list of places I ship to click here.
Buy Used Panties Australia from the #1 seller online. I have been selling Australian used panties for sale since 2011, and have had over 500 happy customers. I can guarantee that you will be very happy with my sexy used panties. Buy used underwear Australia today. Buying used panties is a trend that originally started in Japan, but has now become popular around the world. Many men from Australia and also around the globe buy my worn panties for adult fun! Buy used panties Australia today.
Since When Do Men Buy Used Panties And Used Underwear? While men have been fascinated with women’s panties and underwear since generations, the first signs of modern men who liked to buy used panties appeared about 40 years ago in Japan, where many men have a schoolgirl fetish. Underage schoolgirls and also adult women soon realized that they could earn extra income by satisfying the needs and fetishes of those men and sell their used panties and used underwear in adult stores and fantasy shops around Tokyo.

In 1993, some Japanese businessmen took this to the next level by creating vending machines where men could buy used panties and used underwear from schoolgirls. The panties would come with a photo of the girl who wore them along with her name and age. Although very open minded about fetishes, the Japanese government found this a little controversial because the girls were often under 18 years old and had to create new laws that made such vending machines illegal by 1999. The purchase of used panties is still legal and common in specialty adult shops in Japan, and also can be bought in Australia and around the world from personal websites like mine. Hope you enjoyed today’s fun fact :)


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