Hi boys and girls!

Hope you are all doing well and are all back into normal routine now after all the crazy Christmas and New Years madness. If you are not then you are probably one of the lucky ones, who are still enjoying themselves on holidays somewhere tropical, sipping on fruit cocktails while sun bathing on a pristine beach. Jealous!

Anyway, I just wanted to share something I found interesting while doing some research for the used panties site. We all know that the trend of selling and buying used panties started in Japan, and that at one stage it was so wide spread you could even buy them from vending machines! It is a little more discreet these days and you actually have to buy them from underground markets or adult shops. But there seems to be another interesting trend that has taken off recently, that being the sale of male bras! yep male bras.

These bras can be bought online and retail for $30, I have yet to find the used male bra market though hihi. Most comments that have been made about these male bras are that these bras are for transexual males but I found many reviews from heterosexual males too! A lot of the guys there commented on the fact that these bras gave them a feeling of support for their chest and back. Even I didn’t know that guys needed the support or felt strain from their male boobs. I myself like going braless most of the time *wink wink*. especially when I’m at home. So much more freedom, as we girls know that bras aren’t designed for comfort most of the time unless you are willing to wear grandma undies, which I am not!

I just love how the Japanese are so open about their kinkiness! All their trends and game shows are always so amusing..makes me feel naughty!

Ok got to go now! Hope everyone has a lovely day and does something naughty hihi.