There are many sites out there offering to sell you used panties and more and more sites popping up daily. Each site offers a slightly different service. You can choose to join a network where there are many sellers and many buyers, all having an online  profile and transactions happening under the guidance of the website. This helps keeps things more legit with the hosting site acting like but solely for used underwear. Usually these sites selling used underwear are a bit more expensive as there are fees that goes towards the site. Also they can be a little impersonal as it happens as a bit of transaction and you are predominately purchasing just the item, used panties, with little interaction to and fro. Other sites are owned and run by the the person selling her underwear, my website for instance, therefore much more time is taken when dealing with customers questions and requests. It can cost a little less and other items could also be sold along with the panties. Things such as stockings, socks, bras, sometimes even used pads and tampons. With the majority of sites being individual sellers how can you tell that the used panties you are buying are being worn by a girl considering the anonymity the internet provides. From my experience sites that only offer photos of the used panties that aren’t being worn but just lying flat could possibly be sold by men! They spray some perfume on the underwear and take photos and answer emails to convince buyers that they are being worn by a female. Some sites have photos of a girl wearing a few different pairs of panties but generally the pairs for sale aren’t being shown on a girl. This could mean that the owner of the site has paid or found images from somewhere but the panties for sale could still be either not worn at all or not worn by a female. Another way people can fool buyers into thinking that the panties are being worn buy a female is taking one photo of a girl wearing the panties and selling the same pair to anyone who purchases it. Which means all the other pairs haven’t been worn. To make sure that you are purchasing used panties from a female who has worn them make sure you get a confirmation picture along with purchase. My way of reassuring my customers that I’m female and that I have worn them is by taking a photo of me in the panties along with me holding a sign of my customer’s name. That way when they receive the panties they can tell if they are the same as the one in the photo and they know that that exact pair has been worn personally for them. Other sellers also do videos but it would mean a much higher price tag! I hope my advice will help people buy panties from a girl in future, good luck!