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Buying used panties for sale in Australia is not exactly a new trend, but since Youtube videos of used underwear being bought through vending machines in Japan surfaced, it has become a more widely recognised fetish.

In the earlier days used panties were more likely to be found while strolling the internet on websites like eBay and Craig’s List but now there are plenty of websites set up to service this booming industry. These websites create an online community where individuals can buy and sell used panties in Australia or internationally.

Photos are are displayed so that buyers can see who the exchange is happening with. This is an integral part of the used panties industry as many men find the interaction with the seller the main reason to buy. This is also why most men prefer to buy from personal websites like mine instead of Craig’s List because they offer a more intimate relationship between the buyer and the seller.

Information such as age, shape, size and nationality about the wearer of the pair of used panties help men put together their fantasy. It is a turn on for men to own a piece of intimate clothing from a woman they find sexually attractive.

There has always been a fascination with female underwear and most likely always will be :)

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