Hi Everyone! How have you all been? So every now and then when I tell a close close friend about my naughty secret they all ask whether many girls actually are into that kind of stuff? You know, the dirty panties business. LOL. I say why wouldn’t they? It’s an easy cheap business to run. Not really a business, more like a cute side project! But hey if you make a bit of pocket money for doing essentially what you would do anyway…wear underwear. Then why the hell not?! Yes many girls are selling their used underwear online. Either through eBay or Gumtree or their own websites. Just look it up…about seven websites come up on the first page offering panties! Is it profitable enough that us girls would do it?? Well not really, it depends on how much work you wanna put into it. Some girls do videos but surely they charge for that on top? If not then they’re doing it clearly to because they get kicks out of it. For me it’s both! It’s a nice feeling that someone thinks you look good enough that they want to buy your used underwear. And the extra clearly goes into sensible things like new shoes! and underwear of course. I definitely think this trend is getting bigger and bigger, most people I talk to have heard about it. Plus occasionally I get girls approaching me to see if they could sell through this site. Hmm…maybe I have a career in the making out of this? Official spokes person of selling and buying used underwear perhaps? Wouldn’t that be more fun then doing all that boring uni stuff. Engineering is so boring! Is it considered an adult industry…I don’t think so. So stop frowning on me my friends! I bet they were secretly wishing they had the guts to do it. As it does required self confidence. I mean I’m so soft core compared to some of the other online sellers. Lol Go girls!

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