Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a happy Easter! I surely did. Nothing beats a little holiday. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all my lovely customers who bought my used panties over the Easter period and had to put up with the slower shipping times. Hope you guys know that I really love you and appreciate the fact that you still wanted my sexy, smelly underwear that much to wait for them!

I’m not sure if anyone has realised but I’ve changed a few things on my order forms recently. You can now place an order for extra wear time. This way you can get panties as dirty as you like! If there are other requests that aren’t listed on my forms please contact me. I’m always happy to work around my lovely friends and make a special pair of panties just for you the way you like them. Please check out my website for photos and how to order.

Love Vivian xx

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