Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been absent for the last few weeks. If you are or use to be a university student or know one, you would understand how hectics everything gets towards the end of semester. So forgive me for being tardy with the posts! So I have something exciting to announce in this post! I have been getting requests from other girls a lot on whether or not I could help them sell their used panties online as well. Or lots of questions on how to sell panties online. So I’ve decided to maybe sell a few other girls panties on my site or sell my used panties on blushpanties.com This site along with other sites such as Craigslist sell used panties from multiple girls. Some people also buy used panties directly from strippers. So a few things to remember when wanting to sell your panties online is that you must keep your customer in the loop. Let them know how long their order is expected to take. Make sure the panties are dirty!!! This is a must. This is why they buy! Although my site states that the panties are worn for 24 hours, if they aren’t dirty enough I would wear them for longer for sure! Got to keep the customers satisfied. Other important tip is that you must have a way of confirming that you are female and that you actually wore the panties yourself! I take a confirmation photo so the panties they receive are the ones in the photograph. Easy & Simple. I’ve noticed some other sites offering short 5 minute movies with their dirty undies, this is a real turn on! I might have to try this technique. Also it’s becoming a trend lately to offer socks and stockings and bras even used tampons and pads. No pointers there because I don’t offer used sanitary items for sale. I wonder how they package it for mail? LOL All I can offer tips for is actually selling panties online! How exciting though if I do start selling other girls undies on my site. It would really mean that I am able to satisfy all my customers and offer a wider range of services. Very exciting indeed! Oh the wonder of the used panties world is so limitless! So stay tuned! Exciting changes ahead for me and you!

Love Vivian xoxo

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