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Did you buy used panties online yet? This might be the first time you’ve heard of such a thing, but in fact the demand for both buying and selling used panties is quite large on the internet, both in Australia and worldwide.

We all know that the purchase and sale of used panties is quite popular in Japan, where even the sale of under-aged schoolgirls’ used underwear is legal.  Although a popular trend, it is still not readily available or visible to the every day shopper but has to be sourced through underground shops.  Usually displayed in see through dry cleaning bags to show the buyer how dirty they are.  Of course, the dirtier the pricer.   Along with drinks, ice cream, curry and rice, hot soup being readily available through Japanese vending machines, so are used underwear.  It is sold along with the photo of the girl wearing them and details of how long she had them on for.

But when we look at Google’s keyword tool, a tool which shows us insights on how many searches are performed for a certain keyword or key phrase monthly on Google, we see that this trend has extended to a worldwide market, with of course Japan still being the leader of the market.

Here are some statistics that shows the number of monthly Google searches for the key term ‘buy used panties:

Japan: 5000 Google Searches per month.

Australia: 260 Google Searches per month.

UK: 1300 Google Searches per month.

USA: 2900 Google Searches per month.

People also look for related terms like ‘buy used underwear’, as well as dirty panties, soiled panties, used knickers etc… but the most popular keyword being used panties itself. We can see that this trend has taken the world by storm, and we suspect that the fact that online purchases are 100% anonymous make the buyer more comfortable to go ahead with the purchase, as this fetish is relatively new in western countries and could make people feel uncomfortable if the used panties were purchased in person.

So performing this type of transaction online is perfect for both the buyer and seller, which remain anonymous. This convenience is what makes this trend a rising one on the australian and global market, and fills in a gap in the adult industry, fulfilling the needs of both the men who gets turned on by buying used panties and the woman who wants to earn extra income by providing this service online.