Hi everyone, 

How is everyone doing? Have you all got plans for the Easter break? It’s so nice having some time off to refocus! I cannot believe it’s the middle of the year already. As you guys all know I am also studying at the moment and this time of the year is not for us to have fun but to focus on catching up with our work….boring! I’m much rather focus on my used panties work but I can’t really say that to my lecturers lol! It is such a naughty feeling when I’m in class and I know I’m wearing a pair of dirty undies for someone and no one else knows. And there is always the secret joke when someone at uni asks when what I do for work. Um you don’t want to know lol! Let’s keep that one a secret shall we. It’s such an unconventional business that I don’t think anyone will understand. But it’s nice in a way cause it’s a secret between my shoppers and me. Who knows what will happen when I get a serious boy friend. Maybe I should keep it a secret from him too. Not sure how open minding guys are about their girl friends selling her used underwear to strangers. It not my fault guys love my dirty panties right? I just love the interaction and the fact that I’m making someone’s day! So what plans does everyone have for their Easter break? Lots of chocolate and partying? I’m hoping to exercise more. It is something that I always let slip when I’m busy. Lucky I have good genes and don’t pack on the weight. My used panties confirmation photo wouldn’t look too good if I did! So I guess my plans are more dirty sweaty pantys for the holidays lol! I think I have some sort of addiction! oh well as long as it’s hurting no one right haha. Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break and stay safe!

Lots of love!!!