used panties for Christmas anyone?

The festive season is almost here and I haven’t bought anyone presents yet! After a quick morning jog and a shower, I drove to the shopping centre to buy stuff for my family member, friends and colleagues. Pretty cool because the mall wasn’t to busy and crazy yet as there is 10 days left before Christmas.

I didn’t have much time to shop for nice presents for my family so I started to look for something easy for my boss. Likes wine chocolate and all that cheesy crap. Then I had a naughty thought and felt like touching myself in the change room at Kmart. Naughty Naughty hehehe… I’ve been selling quite a few used panties these days so even though the ones I was wearing haven’t sold yet I know they will in a few days so might as well get naughty in the changing room. Who’s is the lucky guy that will get today’s used panties?

They are awesome Victoria secrets boyshorts that came in with a matching bra but I lost it while traveling to New Zealand… probably some creepy dude who stole them from me while I was sleeping haha. Whatever.

Selling used panties has been kinda funny as it’s easy money and it makes guys happy and it makes me feel sexy that there are people out there that buy my used underwear which means my ass must look quite good eh? :)

If any of you guys would like to buy sexy used panties this Christmas please email me with your requests. I saw some really nice elf-inspired see through undies and also the good old classic velvet red Christmas panties with the white fluff. They also have some used thongs with a little white pom-pom thats very cute.

I’d love to make you smile this festive season by sharing my used panties with you guys. So email me and let me know what would make you happy and I’ll see if I can fulfil your Xmas wishes. xox – Vivian