Hey guys and girls,

I hope you’ve been well. Sorry about being anti social for so long. I do answer emails everyday though!

Just wanted to share with you my turn on of the month (maybe it’ll be a feature on the site in the future..who knows lol)

So recently I had a work event and the company had hired a photobooth for the occasion. I’m not sure if the photo booth hire is a trend around the world but it’s huge here in Australia! And especially in Sydney. You can’t turn the corner without one of those things jumping out at you! This was one of the best photo booths I have ever seen! Super fancy and private and the prints were dispensed from the inside! Me being me and wanting to get up to a little mischief (work events can be a little bland at times) decided to get in the booth and take some shots of the panties I was wearing for a customer! I hope he appreciates the prints as usually the photos are sent digitally.

It was a huge turn on for me taking the photos inside the booth knowing outside were many of my work colleagues. Luckily no one busted me or tried to join me inside for a bit of photo fun…that would have been awkward and hard to explain!

Since then I’ve done some research on photo booth rentals and there are some super cool ones out there! You can now custom design everything, backdrops, themes, prints etc. There are also many sites that can help you find the best photo booth hire in your area.

Anyway I just thought that it was a fun idea to have one at the event. They’re like elevators right…there’s just some intense energy happening in them! So if anyone is having an event with one of these things invite me along! I’m sure my clients will be happy to see me having so much fun in the booths wearing their panty orders. I’m always looking for new ways to get turned on and make wet and juicy panties for my lovely clients.

Also a tip for girls getting their kink on it these things. It’s much easier to wear a skirt! You are much less likely to get busted. Tight pants for a quick flash is super hard. And of course don’t do what I did in an open air booth…too obvious!

So I’m off to find other ways to turn myself on! Keep well guys.

Vivian xx

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