So it’s one thing for someone to search for and buy used panties that they know are from someone who they find sexy but there are a different kind of used panties on the market!  Apparently last March the NBC in United States of American exposed some major retailers for selling used panties that have been worn and returned by their customers. After the news broke the retailers did clean up their act and have not been selling used panties anymore. Lucky for the customers I say!

Since that experience another television show, The Today Show, decided to investigate a little deeper and tested other major retailers like Walmart, Target, JCPenney and Marshalls. To my horror Walmart was still caught returning the worn panties to the sales floor.

In the test conducted in March the Today show sent in secret shoppers into stores such as J. Crew, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s. The secret shoppers then carried tactics that would make the panties not sellable, removing hygiene tags, staining the panties with baby oil and tearing off price tags. They marked this tainted underwear with two black dots for identification at the later stage and found that stores, Gap, Victoria Secret and Macy’s returned the soiled items to the shelf.

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Even though these cases happened throughout the United States it is still worrying as I do get a lot of my underwear from Victoria Secret. Hopefully it’s not happening too much throughout Australia but I will now have to thoroughly wash everything before they are worn. Maybe it’s a bit hypocritical but I like my panties fresh not worn and used! Clean underwear is a good indicator of how dirty I can get the panties before sending them to my customers, without them being clean how will I know? lol.