Hey everyone!

Can you guys believe it is 2014 already?! How quick has the last year flown by. I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Eve and holiday period. It’s been quite a busy time of the year for me with the used panties and all the family and friends gatherings. I always wonder if anyone has found out my secret side project. Who knows, people are always searching random stuff online. Hopefully the naughty secret is not out of the closet yet!

Want to know another naughty secret? I customer from Canada that sells Facebook likes gave me some for free on my Facebook page lol. So when people visit it looks like I am more popular… the craziest thing is that I actually am selling more panties since. I’m glad I didn’t have to buy Facebook likes from that business in Canada as they can get quite pricey.. but getting them for free is awesome. Apparently tons of people out there buy Facebook likes to appear more popular….How fun AND stressful can New Years Eve be? Everyone wanting to look their best, there is so much pressure on getting everything right and having the best party and the best night on your life right. Even choosing my panties for New Years Eve was a big decision, you obviously want to wear something sexy (just in case you meet someone and decide to get a bit silly) but also something that can not be seen through your clothes and something comfortable is always a big factor for me. Why hasn’t anyone invented more sexy panties that are comfortable. Occasionally I get a pair here or there and fall in love with them.

I wear them so much that it eventually coincides with a used panties purchase and I am sad to say goodbye.  But that’s what new years are for isn’t it? Out with the old and in with the new….more sexy panties, more parties and more used panties haha.  I’m hoping this new year means more overseas travels for me. What are you guys hoping this year brings and what are your New Years resolutions? Some of mine are; more overseas traveling, better marks at uni, more exercise (which means sweatier panties). Of course there are all the usual resolutions that everyone makes, eating better, staying connected to friends and family more, less stress.  So many things so little time I say! Well I wish everyone stays safe this holiday season and that you can stick to your resolutions. Remember to most important thing is to have fun. With every year that rolls by there seems to be more pressure so I just like to stick to my mantra..Have Fun!