Belated Christmas wishes to everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, I know I did. What’s not to like about having time off and spending it eating and drinking and socialising? Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great yesterday, which means I was still secretly working on used panties orders lol, rather then wearing bikinis and having fun in the sun. I always feel so naughty when I’m around my relatives and i’m wearing panties for a customer, as no one knows my little dirty secret. Which makes it even more fun and turns me on even more when I’m wearing the panties!

With the weather being milder it actually means Boxing day shopping should be a little more bearable…

Although awesome buys at discounted prices aren’t guaranteed anymore I still like Boxing day sales because you can pick up some great sexy underwear at decent prices. I’m a fan of the sexier lingerie most of the time as it makes me feel a lot sexier but I think all my used panties customer also appreciate it a bit more. My favourite styles always have a bit of lace, the texture and how it’s a bit see through is an instant turn on! Nothing beats a pair of used see through lace panties right? The best part is because I’m so small framed I can always get my size!

The other reason why I enjoy Boxing day sale so much is because it’s like you are in the jungle. Everyone is fighting for what they want, it is so animalistic, the atmosphere in the shops is so frantic and I work up a sweet just from shopping! Which is always a plus for the person who is receiving the panties I’m wearing at the time. It’s so funny watching everyone who are usually so civil to each other fight over a pair of socks or a basic T-Shirt! Everyone is so caught up in what they are doing and I have a great time watching and finding some great panties without anyone knowing what my secret is! So much fun hihi! So wish me luck guys and girls and hope that I find some nice panties for you!

Love Vivian xox