There is a popular belief that guys like girls in bright red thongs, the skimpier the clothes the better.  So when selling underwear online which one is actually more popular between used thongs or worn pantys? I haven’t actually kept a tally but both seems pretty popular, in fact it seems to be in demand at the same time.  When I’m getting orders for thongs I’ll only get orders for thongs for a few weeks and then it seems to revert back to briefs or boy shorts for a few weeks.  I believe all pantys look good on a girl if she’s fit and healthy and confident. Sometimes when I’m wearing something that I think looks good it also makes me feel better. Like wearing make up or dressing up when you have a bad day. So when you wear thongs that you think you look great in then automatically you are more confident making you more sexy and that’s what turns people on! So I encourage everyone to go out and try everything and see whether it’s thongs or pantys that make them feel sexier! I think one of the reasons why the boys like my used thongs so much is because they think it is closer to the body.  It’s right up there between my bum and it really absorbs the scent when I’m exercising or just wearing it all day. But don’t worry you worn panties (briefs & boy shorts) lovers, those ones rid up too! so you are not missing out lol! In fact sometimes it is better to buy used pantys because there’s more material to absorb all the scent. It doesn’t matter whichever one you buy as I always make sure that they’re all nice and dirty and wet hihi. I want to make sure you can tell that the panties and thongs have been worn properly!