HI boys and girls,

Hope you guys all had a lovely Easter break and aren’t have a hard time coping with reality. Isn’t if a fun time of the year where you’re forced to hang out with relatives? Not so much for me…always being asked what I’m doing, when I’ll finish my degree blah blah blah so boring! People always expecting you to achieve things…what’s wrong with selling underwear anyway. Not that any of my close or distant relatives know! Oh the shame my parents would feel. What happen? Did we do something wrong? I don’t tell anyone about my side project because no one would really understand the reasons why I sell my used underwear online. It’s not just about the extra money but the little secret makes life fun! Plus knowing that you have the ability to turn guys on is awesome! Isn’t that what girls do on Friday and Saturday nights anyway when they put on those short dresses in the freezing temperature and walk awkwardly on high heels.  So what’s the difference? Yes it’s unconventional but who doesn’t do unconventional stuff in the bedroom. That’s what makes it fun and exciting and that is what selling dirty panties is…fun and exciting. I guess if I did tell everyone one about it it wouldn’t have the same thrill anymore because it’s not my secret. I get a thrill when I’m buying new underwear because I know they’ll end up belonging to someone else and that person can appreciate my taste in pantys as well as other things *wink wink* Better then buying boring old granny undies. Why do they make it in that awful beige colour anyway? I mean they’re comfy so they do have some merit but who would buy them in beige. If they thought about making them more colourful maybe…I guess that’s why they are known as granny panties huh?