After selling used panties for so long I realised that there really is not one standard reply for that question. Although for some this is a strange thing it has actually been around for a long time. Maybe you couldn’t buy a stranger’s dirty panties, as the internet has made this a whole lot easier, but most men would appreciate keeping your panties as some sort of trophy after a sexual encounter. So before you freak out when he asks to hang on to your sexy silky panties take a minute to realise that it’s a compliment. It also serves as a reminder of the encounter and is a huge turn on for guys when they are reliving the memories while performing a solo act. For guys who don’t have a partner or has one not willing to share their panties they must buy used panties online. The act of purchasing used panties is a huge turn on in many ways! From the excitement of doing a secret search to finding the person you want to be the wearer of your panties! When buying used panties it means you can choose the wearer, as everyone has different taste in people, everyone will prefer their “type” to wear the panties. Also you have the encounter with a stranger, everything about this person is made up from your imagination and so they can be whoever you want them to be. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there, we use our imagination in bed and sometimes we think of a stranger and sometimes someone we know. A few more reasons guys get turned on from used underwear is that they get human interaction when they purchase the panties from me. They get emails and photos of me in them as confirmation that they have been worn by a female. The panties coupled with the photo is a powerful stuff for a guy with an imagination! Lastly but probably the most important reason of all is the scent! I get many requests from guys to work out in them to make sure the panties are sweaty, smelly and juicy!  So don’t be afraid when your man asks for your used panties, embrace it and enjoy it. It’s a compliment!